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Hilary McKenzie


Hilary competed for SBTA throughout the 1980's, representing Scotland at the World Championships from 1985 - 1987 as an individual and team competitor. She ran her own dancing school from 1989 - 2000 and has helped with coaching of national squads over the years. She has been a judge and SBTA member since 1989.





Elaine Campbell

Technical Advisor

Having trained with Clifford Ritchie Dance School since a very young age, Elaine quickly discovered her love for twirling. Under the watchful eye of Andrea Inglis Crawford, Elaine competed at the World Baton Twirling Championships in Paris 2001 & Barcelona 2003; later joining the coaching squad from 2006. Since then she has been part of the coaching squad for the Scotland team in Canada 2007, Ireland 2008, Norway 2010, France 2012 and England 2014. On the side, Elaine is also strongly involved in musical theatre with Pantheon Club, regularly appearing on the King's Theatre stage, most recently in Grease and Sister Act. Baton is her passion though - a sport like no other!



Shirley Craig

Judge Advisor








  Linda Taylor










Cheryl Bell

Associate Member

Cheryl started twirling at the young age of 7 and went on to compete nationally winning numerous titles, stating it was her passion and hobby. After a 4 year break to have her children, Cheryl returned to twirling and went on to compete at the World Baton Twirling Championships in Canada 2007 and Ireland 2008 as an individualist and in team events. Cheryl also competed in the International Cup in Ireland 2008, placing 7th in the Final for Solo. After retiring, Cheryl helped coach and learn the ropes on how to teach with a big help from her twirling coach, Shirley Craig. Now a fully qualified SBTA teacher Cheryl has started in her own class in Sanquhar.








                                                                 Caitlin Spiers

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Ashleigh Wardrop

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Joanne Ritchie

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Lisa Robertson

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                                                                           Laura Yarwood

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